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Always going the right way: corridors


To keep the work process efficient, each movement in the corridors should be a step in the right direction. Orientation is therefore at the top of the agenda. Even in less frequently visited areas, no-one should be left in the dark. Efficient lighting solutions are the way forward. They respond to movement and also take the existing daylight into consideration when using light. This enables you to get to your destination in an energy efficient way at all times with perfect light quality.



With their slimmed-down design, ELSA-2 downlights are ideal as a stand-alone solution in corridors. Installation requires no additional accessories and the light ensures a harmonious appearance. The integrated presence detectors support motion and daylight-dependent operation of all lights via the DALI bus, keeping installation costs to a minimum. In case of emergency, the ELH escape route light provides a reliable view — thanks to special lens technology with a very large range.



  • Aesthetic appearance through integrated presence detectors
  • Energy efficiency through daylight-dependent light control
  • Cost-effectiveness through reduced installation and operation costs

Planning example

Room size

1 x ELSA-2 DL 225 OP 110° 1800 840 PD IR PS DALI WH
6 x ELSA-2 DL 225 OP 110° 1800 840 PD IR DALI WH
6 x ELSA-2 DL 225 OP 110° 1800 840 DALI WH


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Applied products


light quality

Benefit from the advantages of the best light quality: on any working day, in any workplace, for any visual task.



Take advantage of the potential for lower investments, shorter payback times and permanently reduced operating costs.


in the office

Benefit from the savings potential of a demand-driven automation system of light and ventilation in the office.