Entrance areas



There are many ways to say "welcome" — when perfectly designed, the entrance area of a building alone can convey this feeling. For this type of room design, a harmonious lighting mood is just as important as the lighting design. If you wish to greet visitors with friendly lighting and provide orientation from the moment they first enter, an impressive concept must be achieved without being too loud or glaring. A harmonious concept that also cleverly takes efficiency into account is the key to this.

Light zones with savings potential

The ISABELLE pendant lamp provides the reception desk with a timelessly elegant look, while the ELSA-2 downlights on the ceiling add highlights. The mini presence detector and its energy-efficient DALI light management system for the two downlight groups are almost invisible. Whenever these areas are empty, the system dims to orientation light.


  • Energy efficiency through discreet sensors for presence-dependent light control
  • Comfort through orientation light with 10–40% light output in zones without presence

Planning example

Room size
46 m2

1 x ISABELLE PDL pendant lamp with integrated presence detector and light sensor, DALI dimmable
10 x downlights ELSA-2 165 DALI dimmable

2 x presence detectors PD-FLAT 360i/6 mini DALI

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