Break rooms

Communication and recuperation: BREAK ROOMS


Break rooms require a friendly room environment so that people feel well, relax and can recharge their batteries in no time at all. Rapid recuperation is only possible in bright rooms flooded with light where there is a climate conducive to communication. Canteens are often located toward the building exterior where daylight enters, which can be supplemented with artificial light if necessary. Break rooms are not constantly occupied throughout the day. For convenience, or simply due to carelessness, the light is often left switched on in empty rooms. This wastes energy.


Individual presence and daylight-dependent adaptive HCL light control (SymbiLogic) in zones. SymbiLogic technology provides energy-efficient human centric lighting dependent on presence and the entry of daylight. For intelligent, harmonised lighting, the groups are easily networked together via the ELC bus of the ESYLUX Light Control or SMARTDRIVER for demand-driven orientation light with swarm function, for example.


  • Automatic, daylight and presence-dependent HCL light control (SymbiLogic)
  • Biologically effective light for relaxation
  • Demand-driven orientation light with swarm function

Planning example

Room size
160 m2

32 x CELINE ceiling lights

4 x SMARTDRIVER control units
(incl. C0 and ELC bus cable)
4 x CABLE-SET RJ45 5m TW x8
8 x PD-C ELC presence detectors

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