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Creating synergy. ESY!


ESYLUX develops, manufactures and distributes intelligent automation and lighting solutions that ensure better quality of life and energy efficiency in office buildings, educational institutions and health facilities. People's requirements and needs are central to what we do. To meet this standard, we use our experience in electronics and automation for development in areas such as LED-based systems for energy-efficient, biologically effective light. The perspective ranges from the comprehensive automation and lighting of the individual room to networking and integration into building-wide systems. In view of the often complex requirements we encounter in the process, we place particular value on the simple application of our product solutions.

Our customers and partners are wholesalers, installation companies, electrical and lighting planners and architects who trust our 50 years of market experience and the personal specialist advice our experts provide. Furthermore, we meet the highest quality standards in our research, development and production at our German location in Ahrensburg. Our sales organisation is global: ESYLUX operates in collaboration with experienced trading partners and is represented by a lot of subsidiaries in Europe, Asia and Oceania.

Vision and mission

Intelligent automation and lighting solutions for greater quality of life and energy efficiency in office buildings, educational institutions and health facilities – this is our focus as an international company with its own research, development and production departments in Ahrensburg, Hamburg. In light of the often complex requirements, we pay particularly close attention to the simple operation of our product solutions. We are distinguished by interdisciplinary thinking as well as the responsible treatment of people and resources and the highest standards in terms of quality, design, convenience and service. We are always finding new, surprisingly easy solutions for the perfect synergy between automation and lighting in any space.

Our vision

Our intelligent solutions improve quality of life and energy efficiency at every workplace.


Our mission

Offering demand-driven automation and lighting solutions for office, educational and health care facilities, we are first choice for installers, planners and investors.

Experience and quality

Not only do our demand-driven automation and lighting solutions improve quality of life and energy efficiency, they ensure the best light in any work place, on any working day, for any visual task. The prime example of the synergy between automation and light are the lighting systems with ESYLUX Light Control. The systems combine ceiling lights, a control unit and sensors and represent the world's first economical solution for biologically effective light in the workplace. The main reason for this is the SymbiLogic technology from ESYLUX.  As the perfect synergy between automation and lighting, SymbiLogic technology generates biologically effective light that increases the vitality, well-being, concentration and health of people in the workplace with dynamic lighting programmes that resemble daylight.

Corporate responsibility

In addition to ethical behaviour and compliance with the law, ESYLUX acts responsibly and in a forward-thinking and socially considerate manner across all areas of the company. Issues such as compliance, corporate social responsibility and operational environmental management are a natural part of our day-to-day business.

Putting people first

The well-being of our employees is our top priority, along with treating customers and partners with respect. We provide a friendly working environment with lots of freedom for personal development, a fair salary and tailored further training for the best career opportunities. This commitment also benefits us since each happy employee contributes to the growing success of ESYLUX.

ESYLUX acknowledges its responsibilities to society. We use systematic sustainability management to continually improve the ecological, social and economic aspects of our processes and structures. We base our strategies on the rigorous standards set out by EcoVadis, one of the world's leading providers of business sustainability ratings. Our operational environmental management is certified according to ISO 14001 and thus complies with a globally recognised standard.

ESYLUX-Zertifikat ISO 14001 (German)
ESYLUX certificate ISO 14001 (English)

ESYLUX is also committed to complying with the ZVEI-VDMA Code of Conduct. Based on internationally established guidelines, the Code of Conduct sets out principles and standards for responsible corporate behaviour. These guidelines cover health and safety, freedom of speech, human rights, working conditions, employee and consumer protection, remuneration and environmental protection.

ZVEI-VDMA Code of Conduct


Research and development

At ESYLUX, we are passionate about thinking outside the box when it comes to standards and product limitations. We consistently invest in research and development to implement new ideas and bring innovative solutions onto the market that further reduce energy consumption and complexity. Our trademark rights and patents for international markets from the US to Asia reflect our pioneering position.

innovations tested extensively

Around 40 employees research issues such as energy efficiency and digitalisation in our laboratories and put our innovations through their paces. Our engineers carry out extreme heat and cold tests and put each appliance through a stress test in real conditions. Results: Any product that leaves our laboratories is not a flash in the pan – it is the standard of tomorrow.

Find out more about our pioneering topics:
Intelligent lighting
Demand-driven automation

Human Centric Lighting
Light control with DALI-2

Cooperations and memberships

Achieving more together

At ESYLUX, we focus on our core competence and develop innovative technologies, products and product-support services. We also care about our partners and we want to be a shining example to them in terms of profitable collaborations. That is why we support our retail customers with their business management and we are partners of the E-Academie, a further training initiative provided by the Zentralverband der Deutschen Elektro- und Informationstechnischen Handwerke (Central Association of the German Electrical Constructors - ZVEH)

KNX Germany

KNX Deutschland e.V. sees itself as the dialogue platform for all groups and sectors involved in the construction process and operation of a building. Our central concern is the joint design of the technical building infrastructure of the future based on the proven KNX standard. ESYLUX has been a member since 2022.

Graphisoft Building Systems

Since 2011, ESYLUX has worked with Graphisoft Building Systems, the manufacturer of DDScad software. As a result, many of our items, including all data, are available to users when planning their CAD solution.


DIALux is a light planning software that can be integrated into your own workflow. Thanks to this excellent partnership, we are able to support lighting designers working with DIALux with our plug-ins.

e-brands partner

We have been a ZVEH premium brand partner since 2010. We actively pursue the high goals of the e-brands concept for energy efficiency, innovation and further training – with pioneering services and products.


RELUX is a leading manufacturer of professional light planning software. Since the partnership began in 2012, the sensor and product data of ESYLUX products have also been available in RELUX applications.


The electronic manufacturer's association ZVEI as a global agency strengthens our sector with regard to research, digitalisation and innovation in Germany – ESYLUX has been an active association member since 2008.

Awards and prizes

We want our products and solutions to achieve one thing above all else: to make life easier for our customers. If it not only raises a smile, but also gains recognition from strict jury members, all the more reason for us to be pleased. Share the joy – here is a selection of our award-winning products.

Award-winning: ESYLUX innovations with international recognition


In 2016, our PRANA+ Office Floor Light was awarded the prestigious Red Dot Award for product design. This success is also thanks to the teamwork with the design agency Peter Schmidt, Belliero & Zandée. The great thing is that the PRANA+ held its own in one of the biggest field of entrants in the competition to date.


Our ATMO presence detector detects all important values in your house thanks to its innovative multi-sensor. ATMO also represented an enduring presence in the PLUS X AWARD, which involved a complex competitive process lasting several weeks. As part of this process, skilled experts assess the most innovative products: ATMO impressed in three categories.


We are exceptionally delighted that another ESYLUX product received the Plus X Award – the prize is quite simply one of the most important prizes for innovation. Award-winning products must possess outstanding properties. The expert panel of judges from across 25 sectors saw these properties in our PD-C360i/24 DUODIMplus presence detector in 5 categories.


Around 500 exhibitors presented products at eltefa 2017 in Stuttgart, demonstrating their innovations to the industry specialists in attendance. “In the name of increased connectivity" was the slogan – and the intelligent solutions from ESYLUX reflected this perfectly. The ALVA series received a reader prize from "elektrobörse smarthouse", the online portal for the electrical trade.


If you get into your partner's good books, you have already done everything right. However, if you win a "Stein im Brett" award, that’s even better. This is because the original prize from ibau asks 3000 retailers for the best partners on the manufacturing side. A prize like its jury: honest, tangible and straightforward. ESYLUX thanks you.


Our innovative product and solutions have been installed in many buildings – from offices to universities, hospitals to hotels, warehouse to residential houses. And they provide a place that would be less comfortable, safe and friendly without them. See for yourself.

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