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because it intelligently connects outdoor lighting

New: 700 / 100 bollard lights
with motion detectors

Intelligent paths

The bollard lights from the ALVA series are the epitome of robust and intelligent outdoor lighting. The integrated DALI motion detector enables motion- and daylight-dependent control of an entire lighting group – for example, ALVA bollard lights without sensors.

Lighting and energy only when it's needed

Automatic, energy-efficient switching and dimming of outdoor lighting is not only convenient: It also reduces energy consumption and contributes to the reduction of global CO2 emissions, while simultaneously reducing light pollution – a growing environmental issue around the world.

  • Protected against sea air and dirt-resistant

  • Versions with integrated motion detectors feature orientation light and twilight switch functions

  • Motion detectors enable energy-efficient control of other luminaires and switch actuators

Robust protection

Paths, courtyards, entrances and green spaces: ALVA bollard lights are ideal for intelligent lighting in a wide range of areas. Thanks to their highly durable design, they also meet all requirements for installation in public areas.

Simple DALI broadcast

ALVA bollard lights with integrated motion detectors are available with a built-in DALI bus voltage supply and control lighting groups via simple DALI broadcast, without the need for individual addressing. The DALI actuator from ESYLUX also allows ON/OFF luminaires to be integrated into the network.

Flexible control

The ALVA series offers a variety of sizes, luminaire diameters and light emission angles – and a wealth of flexibility in terms of control. A range of separate ESYLUX outdoor motion detectors provide an alternative for demand-driven control of the bollard lights without integrated motion detectors.

Solution A:
Controlling the ALVA series using an integrated sensor system

ALVA bollard lights with integrated DALI motion detectors, built-in DALI bus voltage supply and intelligent networking in broadcast mode.

With the DALI actuator from ESYLUX (1), devices without a DALI interface can be easily integrated and then controlled based on motion and daylight levels.

Solution B:
Controlling the ALVA series using a separate sensor system

The outdoor motion detectors in the RC, DEFENSOR and MD-W series offer a classic alternative for demand-driven switching of lighting groups in outdoor areas.

They are available in different versions, offer practical additional functions and provide impressively high-quality sensor technology.

Impressive functionality

In addition to the automatic switching on and off, the optional integrated DALI motion detector provides the ALVA series with additional, useful control functions.

  • For example, an orientation light that continues to emit a soft glow when there is no longer anyone in the immediate vicinity.

  • Alternatively, a temporary afterglow can be set, starting after the switch-off delay time following the last detected movement.

  • Another option is the twilight switch function. Once activated, the luminaire switches on as darkness falls, independent of motion detection, and switches off automatically the following morning.

Orientation light


Robust on the outside

The die-cast aluminium housing and extruded profile deliver protection from sea air and ensure maximum durability, with optimal protection against the ingress of water and dust. The powder-coated surface looks elegant, is dirt-resistant and is easy to clean thanks to its high level of resistance to cleaning agents (anti-graffiti effect).

High standards on the inside

To ensure that the technology inside the housing is also optimally protected against environmental influences, the junction box and driver box are installed at a safe height above the base plate of the bollard lights. This ensures that the electrical components remain dry and undamaged, even in the event of water penetrating the bottom of the housing due to heavy rainfall.

Representative lighting
for IT professionals

The building of IT firm März in Hamburg: ALVA bollard lights with integrated DALI motion detectors control lighting groups in broadcast mode around the building and provide a pleasant orientation lighting where necessary.


Reduce light pollution intelligently

A growing environmental issue

The increasing levels of light during the night, otherwise known as light pollution, causes damage to a variety of organisms. Here are a few examples:

Light attracts millions of insects, who circle around the light endlessly, often driving them to exhaustion and death. Birds can fatally collide with buildings that are illuminated. Lighting also impacts the ability of trees to detect the current season and impairs their energy management. It makes it difficult for fireflies to find a partner and therefore threatens their existence.

The best remedy

The best light for nature is no artificial light at all. Light should only be used when it is really needed. Here are the most important points:

  • Switching on lights only when needed

  • Reducing light intensity to a minimum

  • No beams of light directed upwards

  • High degree of protection (prevents insects from entering and dying in the luminaires)

  • Only installing as much lighting as is needed

  • Lighting that tends to have a lower blue light content

  • More important than the light colour: switching off or dimming!

The intelligent solution

ALVA bollard lights with DALI motion detectors are ideal for reducing light pollution because they offer:

  • Automatic lighting only when needed thanks to the optional integrated sensor system

  • Optional dimmed orientation light for low brightness when no people are present

  • Versions with transparent diffusers for optimal light distribution (beams of light are only directed downwards)

  • Protection type IP65

Your benefits at a glance

  • High-quality aluminium housing, protected against sea air and dirt-resistant
  • Resistant to corrosion in accordance with EN ISO 9227 salt spray test (96 h)
  • High level of resistance to cleaning agents (anti-graffiti effect)
  • Versions with motion detectors for motion- and daylight-dependent lighting control, and the potential for DALI networking
  • 230 V end devices can be integrated via the DALI actuator
  • DALI bus voltage supply integrated in luminaires with motion detectors
  • Motion detectors can be parameterised easily via remote control or with the ESY-Pen and ESY-App (accessories)
  • Detection ranges of integrated sensor systems: 6 m (Ø 170 mm), 4 m (Ø 100 mm)
  • Versions with different light emissions (180° or 360°), different luminaire heights and diameters
  • Meets requirements for installation in public areas: (IP65), IK09 (700/100 - 540, 940/170 MD), IK10 (540, 940/170)
  • Basic lighting available for increased safety in outdoor areas (orientation lighting)
  • Concealed LED arrangement, no glare from direct light
ALVA bollard lights 3000 K / 180° / 540 mm / Ø 170 mm
ALVA bollard lights 3000 K / 180° / 940 mm / Ø 170 mm
ALVA bollard lights 3000 K / 360° / 540 mm / Ø 170 mm
ALVA bollard lights 3000 K / 360° / 700 mm / Ø 100 mm
ALVA bollard lights 3000 K / 360° / 940 mm / Ø 170 mm
ALVA bollard lights 4000 K / 180° / 940 mm / Ø 170 mm
ALVA bollard lights 4000 K / 360° / 540 mm / Ø 170 mm
ALVA bollard lights 4000 K / 360° / 700 mm / Ø 100 mm
ALVA bollard lights 4000 K / 360° / 940 mm / Ø 170 mm


Time-dependent operating modes, switch-off delay times based on walking direction, intelligent vandalism and sabotage protection: An interesting, functional option is controlling the sensorless ALVA bollard lights using products from the DEFENSOR series. Thanks to the robust design of the ALVA series, the DEFENSOR protection functions make it an intelligent and extremely reliable lighting solution.